“This foodie has a very developed palate when it comes to empanadas.  I am fortunate to have met the talented Chef Kiya.  She gives off this positive vibe and it translates into her cooking. She has created an amazing of line of empanadas. I have tasted all of her flavors, such as spicy ground beef, chicken, spinach/swiss cheese combo, mushroom, squash and quinoa (yes – I said quinoa – my favorite!).  All of her ingredients are fresh, organic and health conscious.  She adds the perfect amount of love, passion and flavor which takes you to a magical cuisine journey. The empanadas are authentic and delicious. It can’t get more real. Chef Kiya has a true gift.  If I had to describe in one word it would SPECTACULAR!”

Elizabeth Lahens

“Kiya’s empanadas are what happens when you apply gourmet sensibilities to an old favorite. They are a delicious mix of local, fresh ingredients wrapped in a crispy crust.”

Mary K Kelly

“The ‘made with love’ -healthy -only the freshest ingredients -empanadas make me travel outside my neighborhood – just to enjoy ! I always end up buying more to take home! Superb spinach and the spicy carne ones are my favorites!”

Greta Watson

“Hey Kiya, your empanadas are very tasty! The skin is thin and there is plenty of filling. Yummy!”

Benjamin Koh

“That moment when you’re at a milonga and you’re feeling  hungry. You want something that’s quick, tasty and satisfying, but that won’t fill you up and make you tired. Here’s just the thing: Rukiya’s delicious empanadas! Available with different fillings – meat, chicken, or vegetable, they’re perfect for that late night pick-me-up. Still hungry? Try a couple of her mouth-watering medialunas.  Absolutely scrumptious! Now, get back to the tanda.”

Joe Tango

“Kiya’s empanadas are made with the freshest ingredients and love….delicious!”

Linda Gucciardo

“Kiya’s Delicias showed up and impressed our guests with full flavored empanadas. There were so many choices, that our guests kept going back for more. Thank you Kiya’s Delicias for helping make our Relationship Workshop Event a success.”

~Elitia, founder WhenLoveWorks: Relationship Coaching