Hello New York City!

June 21, 2021


I’ve missed you so much, and am super happy to hug you again soon. I moved to Idaho in December to be closer to family. Living in a smaller state makes me feel removed from Argentinian culture. It’s important to stay connected to Argentina during these crazy times. Who knows when travel will resume to Argentina again with the pandemic not under control, and tango venues still closed.

Keeping in touch with the the tango community at large is very important. Tangueros had grown accustomed to travelling for festivals, workshops, and building their holidays around events. The travel bans and restrictions and uncertainties around the virus forced a stillness in the community. With vaccinations increasing, virus cases steadily going down, happenings in tango have started to resume.

Its important to stay connected outside of social media since the landscape has changed. This blog will be a way to explore themes beyond the dance and food. Expect thrilling around history, traditions, music, cities, and more.

This website has recently got a make over and I love it. It looks beautiful and inviting, and has inspired me to want to make it even better.

Kiyas Delicias Argentinas is the official brand for the empanadas you know and love. You can now reserve empanadas and medialunas for upcoming events. Have a look at the attached menu with featured varieties. We’re highlighting seasonal produce like scapes, greens, and artisan cheeses.

Look out for updates and exact pop-up information via Facebook. Until I’m with you.


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