Your Story Is Not Good Enough

This time last year, I was trying the hardest-to-get-into, one of the most well attended, organized and popular food events in Queens and NYC. The organizer was questioning the story behind Kiya’s Delicias and was pretty much saying it wasn’t good enough.

In my mind I was thinking, how wrong he was and how or why he did not see what I saw and felt; An American girl, Black Girl, who had encountered this magical dance, Argentinean Tango and combined her two passions, tango and food. It made me think it made me question my purpose, it made me reflect to say the least.

It was so compelling that I had to share it with friends. Everyone supported me and offered to write letters on my behalf or whatever I needed. In hindsight it made me think even bigger and accept all rejections with grace and open mindedness. It taught me to persevere even if people are not familiar with the history and dynamics of Argentinian history and culture. A city overflowing with culture, diversity, and texture, thanks to an influx of migration back in the heydey. Argentina was what America is, in South America. Those seeking opportunity, freedom, refuge, prosperity, anonymity and so on, traveled far and wide to start a new life. Then I started to think of all the ways Tango changed my life, or impacted it. The friends and connections from every continent. endless countries and cities around the world. Being able to travel anywhere around the world and immediately be met with kindness and warmth.
Lasting friendships and associations.

My story is good enough!!! With Kiyasdelicias, I am able to connect with people from all walks of life, as this is the magic of food.

So Wether someone is associating their grandmother’s knishes with the espinacas con queso, or waxing poetic about the resemblance of a Mediluna and Cornetto or having a revelation because they usually never like mushrooms or kale and they love ours. I keep believing in my story because I believe in the power of food to connect us all.

Thanks for Reading, talk to you soon.
– Kiya

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